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Payment and Pickup Instructions


Please note: As this is a fundraiser, all sales are Final.

If you used the Buy Now option, then you are a winning bidder!

Please note, all items will be held at the Seneca Park Zoo Society offices until after Zoobilation on June 7, 2014. Beginning on Monday, June 9, we will contact winning bidders to make arrangements for your item(s) to be picked up at the Zoo or delivered to your home.


You may still be a winning bidder even if you didn't choose the Buy Now option.

Any item with bids below the Buy Now price will be transferred to the Silent Auction at the Zoobilation event. The highest on-line bid will become the starting bid at the event. Should no additional bids be made, then the highest on-line bidder will be the winner. We will contact those individuals beginning on Monday, June 9, to arrange for payment and pickup or delivery of your item(s).


Conditions of Sale

The Seneca Park Zoo Society reserves the right to withdraw any item at any time before the actual sale. The auctioneer reserves the right to reject a bid should he determine that the bid is not commensurate with the value of the item and may withdraw the item from sale.

The highest bidder will be acknowledged by the auctioneer and agrees to purchase the item and pay the full purchase price. The title to any item sold at either the Live or Silent Auctions shall be turned over when the full payment has been made, at which point the buyer shall have full responsibility for, and bear the risk of loss of the item.

By purchasing the item, the buyer waives any claims of liability against theSenecaParkZoo Society orMonroeCounty. Buyers are bound by the precise restrictions specified by the donors. After purchase, the buyer will be liable for any damage to property. Items should be redeemed in a timely manner within the expiration date specified by the donor.

Certain auction items consist of services, such as travel and lodging, restaurant meals or special services to be provided by the donor and are subject to conditions or require that specific arrangements be made with the donor before they can be used.

The buyer shall be solely responsible for complying with any conditions or for making such arrangements. Examples include the coordination of separate parts of a travel package, the possibility of blackout dates for travel, required reservations at restaurants and the coordination of dates with donors of special services.

We encourage you to consult with your accountant regarding the tax deductibility of any expenditure you make. Your receipt will inform you of the good faith estimate of the value of the item purchased and the actual amount paid for the item. The amount contributed in excess of the value of the goods or services provided to you is generally considered tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes.